Apollo Launches Next-Generation Platform for Rapid Insights in Healthcare and Life Sciences

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Apollo Launches Next-Generation Platform for Rapid Insights in Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Posted by: Marisa Meyers

Solution reflects continued investment in Apollo’s core technologies for accelerating health innovation, propelled by machine learning and artificial intelligence

WATERTOWN MA May 31, 2023—Apollo Intelligence (Apollo), a leading provider of real-time global data and insights to the healthcare and life science industries, announces the launch of its next-generation market insights technology platform to support rapid insights and data collection in the healthcare and life science industries. The advanced platform is fueled by the company’s ongoing investments in its core technologies, propelled by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

With a modern enterprise data architecture, built from best-in-class technologies, Apollo’s next-generation platform provides customers with advanced capabilities to support their progressive insight and data needs. The platform uses ML sampling intelligence to reach global healthcare professional (HCP) panelists with higher efficiency, offering the right research opportunities to the right HCP stakeholders, at the right place and time. This new, advanced capability fosters a seamless cycle of targeted interaction and ongoing engagement that enables greater speed-to-insight and higher quality data. For HCPs, Apollo’s enhanced routing capabilities mean they receive more relevant and matched opportunities to share their expertise and amplify their voice.

Capabilities currently rolling out in beta include:

  • natural language processing (NLP) advancements in open text analysis for tagging, coding, ML-enhanced adverse event (AE) detection, and reporting.
  • ML-based honoraria optimization for panel engagement.
  • dynamic profiling and validation.

In the second half of 2023, these foundational capabilities will support further ML and AI advancements focused on sentiment analysis for free text, survey automation, and expanded global capabilities.

“Apollo has been on a multi-year, multimillion-dollar journey building towards this moment when our investments in data and technology would allow us to take advantage of advances in machine learning and data science applications to provide our clients with an unmatched service experience,” said Daniel S. Fitzgerald, president and CEO of Apollo Intelligence. “Life science companies will be able to see the immediate impact in speed and data quality as we leverage machine learning to intelligently sample our HCP communities for data collection. These advances are just the beginning for Apollo as we continue our innovative journey and extend our robust roadmap to deliver higher quality data, speed-to-insight, and advanced analytics and data visualization for our clients.”

Apollo has made sizable investments in its platform since 2019 in anticipation of this launch. Its relationship with Frazier Healthcare Partners, in June 2022, has accelerated investment in these areas, with Frazier and Apollo sharing a vision for technological innovation within the healthcare data and insights market. The Frazier Data and AI Center of Excellence has been an instrumental partner in rapidly advancing these modern elements and realizing Apollo’s technology vision.

Apollo Intelligence

Apollo’s mission is to accelerate health innovation to improve life. In 2019, Apollo launched with the acquisition of InCrowd, a pioneer of real-time, automated insights for the life science industry. In 2020, Apollo strengthened its global reach by acquiring Survey Healthcare Global, a global market leader of first-party healthcare data collection and custom survey solutions. Apollo provides access to 2 million healthcare stakeholders worldwide—including physicians, patients, caregivers, and allied healthcare professionals. Apollo’s 250+ employees support top global pharmaceutical brands, market research agencies, and consultancies across 13 different countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Apollo is a portfolio company of Frazier Healthcare Partners. For more information about Apollo, please visit our website at www.apollointelligence.net.


Author: Marisa Meyers