We’re on a mission to accelerate health innovation to improve life

Industry research indicates that it takes approximately 10 years on average for an experimental drug to travel from the lab to FDA approval and ultimately patients. And once the product reaches the market, countless factors impact adoption and use – there are potentially thousands of points of contact along the development continuum.

The use of actionable health insights – driven by data and smart AI – helps to identify illness early, allow for proactive intervention, and improve the understanding of disease progression. Technology is the catalyst to break down barriers such as cost and geography that can limit access to health care audiences.

Our unique integration of stakeholder access, powerful tech-enabled analytics, and healthcare domain expertise generates rapid insights for timely, informed decisions throughout the entire health discovery process.

We are committed to the advancement of technology to elevate the creation and distribution of health insights. Our goal is to optimize the time from concept to market and dramatically impact business and patient outcomes.

Reinventing the path to insights for health innovation

Our brands represent major advances in technologies that work together to bring faster insights for innovations in healthcare.


InCrowd is the pioneer of real-time insights in the life sciences industry, delivering unprecedented quality and speed to insight.

Survey Healthcare Global

SHG is the global market leader in healthcare data collection and custom survey solutions, offering unrivaled global access to healthcare professionals.


Apollo is a global leader in Healthcare insights. With offices located around the world, we seamlessly provide healthcare data and insights to clients wherever they need it.