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Our DEIA Commitment


Apollo is committed to creating a diverse work environment that empowers all employees with a sense of equity and inclusion as they grow and advance their careers.

Apollo’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Advancement (DEIA) Council is led by Apollo DEIA Senior Chair, Mili Bhatia. Her passion for fairness and inclusion epitomizes the values of our DEIA Council, Apollo leadership, and our collective aspiration for our company.

Mili and the DEIA Council work to amplify Apollo’s drive for greater diversity and inclusion for both our culture and our business as they are central to our core values. Serving as a liaison between the organization and the Executive Team, Mili and the DEIA Council ensure that Apollo keeps our commitment to DEIA tenets.


Core Values

We believe that the work we do and the values we do it with, are aligned to consistently deliver the best experience for our clients, our panel members, and each other. We are committed to developing a culture that encourages, supports and celebrates all employees and encourages employees to share new and diverse ideas and experiences that drive innovation, creativity, and promote Apollo Intelligence as a best-in-class employer.

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Share Client Purpose.
Pharmaceutical and medical device firms rely on our work to help them make products that affect the health and livelihood of millions of people worldwide. They deserve our complete focus, candor, and commitment to understanding and optimizing the patient-physician experience, and ultimately their success.


Learn, Grow, and Advance.
To provide our clients with the best expertise and value, we stay curious and hungry for knowledge and innovations that will improve our ability to enable their success.


Inspire Trust and Camaraderie.
We excel because we recognize that our fellow teammates want success in support of our company and clients. This recognition helps us foster a collaborative culture, driven by accountability toward our common purpose—delivering high—quality insights for our clients.


Embrace Teamwork.
We are at our best when we act as a team. We take the time to thoughtfully communicate with one another and set clear expectations. We are supportive of one another, work together to advance our common goals, and take pride in our collective accomplishments.


Give Back.
Giving back induces us to consider those less fortunate than ourselves, along with the responsibility that comes with prosperity. This consideration engenders empathy as an element of our culture, helping us stay grateful, grounded, and caring. As such, foundational to the success of our business is a strong commitment to community service and worthy causes.