Panel Support Coordinator (Pocatello, Idaho or Remote)

General Overview

The Panel Support Coordinator, US is responsible for assisting the Apollo Panel Team in ensuring the overall well-being of the SHG Healthcare and Consumer communities. Their primary role is to troubleshoot survey errors, respond to panelist inquiries regarding honorarium processing, maintain member accounts in the database, and address all other issues or queries relayed through the OpinionSite Help Desk. They will also be responsible for communications and coordination with internal team members or external clients as needed to resolve Help Desk tickets or to complete other tasks as assigned.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Community Support

  • Ensure panel member satisfaction by responding to, troubleshooting, and resolving Help Desk tickets in a timely and competent manner in accordance with our Customer Service guidelines.
  • Communicate and coordinate internally with fellow Support agents and/or members of other departments to alert project issues, resolve survey errors, and address other concerns as needed.
  • Investigate payment history and other honoraria related queries:
    • Determine the status of gift cards, re-send undelivered gift cards, and escalate any greater issues to the Senior Panel Manager when necessary.
    • Determine the status of PayPal payments and escalate any greater issues to the Senior Panel Manager when necessary.
  • Assist panel members with account updates upon request and in accordance with company policies regarding maintenance of the panel database.
  • Provide feedback on the efficiency of the Panel Support service processes, including identification of overarching inefficiencies/problem areas and the presentation of proposed solutions.
  • Work to improve SOPs related to organizing/responding to Help Desk tickets.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Panel Health Support

  • Assist in maintaining and repairing the SHG Healthcare and Consumer communities by identifying and investigating account issues, updating records, and validating panel members as needed.
  • Document and address bad data issues reported in accordance with the company Bad Data Policy.
  • Support and assist with engagement/recruitment efforts and initiatives developed by the Panel Team.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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